Terminus Font Fix

I love my fonts. And I feel so irritated when fonts are wrong. With the latest libpango upgrade, I lost my beloved Terminus font from the terminal. I did use the TTF replacement for a while but it never looked same good as the old bitmap font. Also the rendering speed is completely different and quite noticeable, too. As it turns out, libpango did not completely remove bitmap font support and the otb format still works fine.

Luckily, Terminus font developers realised that pretty quickly and version 4.49 added otb format support. Installation is easy. Make sure you remove any other Terminus font installations before proceeding (including the TTF). Download latest Unix/Linux source from http://terminus-font.sourceforge.net/ and then do the following:

tar xzf terminus-font-4.49.1.tar.gz
cd terminus-font-4.49.1
make otb
sudo make install-otb
sudo cp 75-yes-terminus.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/
sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

The font should be immediately available in the terminal settings (no restart is necessary).

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